Baby in womb with birth defect BULLIED to terminate!


Baby in womb with birth defect BULLIED to terminate!


A while ago we want to give parents correct information on rules determing termination of pregnancies on medical issues. As we wanted to give you accurate information we called the corroners and bereavement midwives with your most frequently asked questions on baby loss and medical terminations. We are still waiting for them to give us some answers !

But todays news one lady revealed how she was bullied into having a termination because her growing baby in the womb had downs syndrome. Here is her story…

Ideson loved children she already had some and at the age of 40 became pregnant, her husband Allan was overjoyed. Due to being over 40 the doctor suggested she has an amnocentesis.

The test came back possitive for Down syndrome.After concidering the decision to keep the baby Both parents went to the doctors to see what the options were as technology had improved a lot.

Ideson beieved the hospital staff would give reassurance but doctors said she could be born needing an urgent operation on her heart with bowel and muscle tone problems if she lived.

No time did anybody suggest she keep the baby.A termination was presented to them the only choice. She believes the pressure put on her there and then was overwhelming making her feel very guilty if she kept the baby.

one nurse said baby would suffer if she didnt abort now.Her baby would become a burden to society.Plus only 1 percent of mums to be actually want to keep their baby.

Her husband thought  they must feel, the baby must be really bad, in order for us to do this.That same day she took a pill to end the babys life in the womb before it could be delivered dead a few days later.

 She wanted time to go home and look at all the options but as her husband too thought this was the only way after what they had just been told and  to go ahead.

3 days later her baby was small yet perfect she broke her heart when she saw her. She was so angry, what Have I done, she wished that nature had taken its cource ,than to be forced to make the decision there and then so she took a tablet to cause a termination she never wanted.

Riddled with such guilt and pain and in a few weeks she found it hard to function and was put on anti depressents. her marriage later broke down.

As a baby bereavement specialist we provide micro tiny baby wear for babies that are born asleep. The amount of parents that tell us these tragic same circumstances, that they feel they have no choice and pile so much guilt and pressure onto them to terminate especially before the 24 week deadline!

  • Do not make a decision there and then.
  • Do not feel gulty if you want to keep your baby its is yours.
  •  Do not sign a concent form for a medical termination there and then.
  • They cannot keep your baby after birth .
  • Do not believe advice if they say it has to be done soon before 24 weeks gestation.Grounds C is for babies under 24 weeks.Making you feel they are right you are wrong by waiting. This adds to more pressure on you to go ahead with the abortion (termination)
  • Ground E applies to pregnancies up to full term, but only in the case of severe fetal abnormality. Grounds A, B, F, and G apply to pregnancies up to full term, but only in cases of severe risk to a woman’s life or physical or mental health:
  • If they want an answer soon pushing for an under 24 weeks termination remember clause  E gives you more time to decide!

You do have a choice! Baby can pass away naturally then be delivered without you signing the concent form to end its life then delivered .

Remember Hitler wanted a perfect human race irradicating the sick,the weak the infirm.

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