when can a baby talk, baby making first sounds

Today we carry on with baby development 6-12months.

Looking at Speech Language and communication in babies 6-12m.

Baby can squeal in delight, giggle and scream in annoyance.can tolerate strangers but becoming more aware fom 7 months.ohhss ahhs increase these are the first sounds with a variety  increasing from now onwards from baba ba to dadadad up  to 12 months. Baby enjoys games with parents such as rough and tumble play can wave bye bye clap hands enjoys repetative songs and nursery rhymes.Understands no and bye.First clear words from 9 months  ta,(thankyou) dada (daddy), juice,light etc

Using baby sign language also helps baby communicate and will be good as they approcach toddler age when toddler tantrums start.

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