Baby shark song driving me crazy learn dance and tune

baby shark song crazy
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Baby shark song driving you crazy too ?

brilliant or bad ? is the baby shark song driving both me and you crazy ? what about your kids? does it have be on day and night hahaha. yes totally agree. But its in a good way the kids learn by repetition . The more they hear it the more they want to join in . Although its been out ages now and is still popular with everyone . Including both adults and children of all ages.

so why do you think baby shark song is so popular with children ? to begin with its the combination of it being fun , also a catchy tune, likewise with easy to do actions that you can all join in with .

where can I find baby shark video to watch?

If you have a mobile phone you’ll see peoples own versions of the song plastered over facebook. Each group of people making their video . trying to outdo each other in being the best. The most popular the most liked video, even the most funniest. also Baby charities started the craze off.

video of Baby Shark song on You Tube

the videos of baby shark song originated and were uploaded a lot on you tube. as fans started uploading their own funny versions too of this top hit song for children.

see the video just below that’s driving everyone crazy and just loving it.

best baby shark dances on facebook

I must admit it is addictive looking on facebook. you come across a new version of the baby shark dance and you just have to look see if its any good. the best ones I found are these .take a look just below what do you think . which are your favourites please share your baby shark videos in the comments just belowh