baby safety sling new danger alert !

picture used for example purposes only be wise before you buy a new baby sling .More than a million baby slings were taken off the market because of the suffocation deaths of three children,The Consumer Product Safety Commission warned consumers to stop using SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo slings made by Infantino. The company is offering free replacement products. The suffocation risk is highest in infants younger than 4 months because children that young lack good head control. Soft fabric inside the slings can press against an infant’s nose and mouth, causing the baby to suffocate, the CPSC said in a statement. The agency quoted earlier this month that it was investigating 14 deaths linked to baby slings in the past 20 years.
PLEASE NOTE Cheeky Chums occassionaly recommend other baby products which we don’t stock,but will always alert parents in the first instance of baby product recalls and safety issues, as the news becomes available to us.
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