Baby in Special Care preparing 4 HomeTime

Baby in Special Care preparing 4 HomeTime are you really ready?

Your precious premature Baby has been looked after in the special care baby units for weeks, then suddenly out of the blue consultant says all clear baby can go home tomorrow are you prepared. lets help you along the way with a little checklist to bear in mind.

  1. Is the a sterilizer all prepared do you have sterilzer fluid,tablets etc if you intend to bottle feed.
  2. Are the rooms aired and hoovered at home. Babies can get chest infections easily.
  3. Do you have enough nappies in tiny sizes.
  4. Is home clean with enough tiny baby clothes that will fit baby.
  5. If friends are sick tell then to leave visiting until they are fully well the last thing you need is baby to be sent back in due to catching someones heavy flu.
  6. If you have older children really sick ask a grandparent can they stay over until fit enough to come home.
  7. have you got enough food in the cupboards if you both ate out a lot due to being at the hospital the cupboards may be bare.
  8. Are you confident at being able to bring baby home or do you think you will panic over the slightest thing with  baby being premature,speak to the nurses before you leave about your concerns they will be more than happy to give you contact numbers in case of emergencies.
  9. Babies so small will not take as much milk as a newborn baby full term do not be worried comparing baby with a friends baby feeding habits.Tiny babies have tiny tummies will get fuller more and may get hungrier more and will pile on the pounds soon enough.Little and often is best to start.