Baby in nicu feeling better on a ventilator

Part 2 of this weeks neonatal intensive care week looks at the role of a mechanical ventilator.Most often used to help your baby’s breathing when being cared for in the Nicu.
Respirator or mechanical ventilator
This machine helps babies who can not breathe on their own or who need help taking bigger breaths. High frequency ventilators give hundreds of tiny puffs of air to help keep a baby’s airways open. Ventilators can also deliver extra oxygen to the baby.
usually baby is gradually weaned from the ventilator as his breathing improves. The NICU staff will slowly reduces the number of breaths. the next step is cpap assistance. Many hiccups can happen at any timeIf baby gets a infection he or she may have go back on the ventilator to give the body chance to recover.It also helps by reducing the strain being put back on the lungs. But a slow steady progress is much better,to full recovery than to get baby home too early and having to go back in hospital again.
Taking a first peek at baby on a ventilator.When the nursing staff have settled your baby on the ventilator they will let you see baby, its very emotional seeing it for the first time lots of wires, buzzers going off, tubes coming and going from every direction attached to your baby’s face.see the top picture of a typical ventilator to take glance at.Mummy and daddy can use this time to sit by baby in the incubator and after baby is rested talk to baby as much as possible so he or she can hear your voice.Such a calming affect for a new baby that has just been born into the big wide world.
Next blog news… The roles of the different nicu staff.
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