baby in icu mum dresses premature baby easily

Mum dresses her premature baby easily when baby wears these Nanny Nicu ICU clothes. learn how these differ to normal premature baby clothes by reading on…

Nanny Nicu specialistĀ Baby Clothes sizes 1-12lb for NICU,HDU, SCBU and home HT.

UniqueĀ premature baby and tiny baby clothing sets by Nanny Nicu.

Designed by baby specialists with the direct input of neonatalĀ nursing staff.Ā created especially for each of the special case baby units throughout the world.Ā Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU).High Dependency Care.(HD)Special Care(SC).Home time (HT). Ā 

If you think of traffic lights red mens danger (NICU pooliest of babies) Amber means get ready (HD poorly baby getting slightly better)Green means ready to go (SC sick baby ready to go into special care) Blue (HT Baby all clear ready for home Yippee!) Ā  By Dressing your baby in the baby clothing you have picked out, ensures you are more involved in the basic care of your baby no matter how small a job, and it does make you asĀ Ā a mummy feel much more needed at thisĀ first stageĀ of recovery until baby is nursed back to health.

  • Made in more realistic body sizes to that of premature babies. sizesĀ are not to bulky and overpowering.
  • The nursing staff know instantly who is wearing hospital clothes and who is wearing own clothes with the bright distinctive colours the baby clothes come in.
  • Unique handcrafted baby clothes giving your baby the precious individuality to you want.
  • They come in complete sets no missmatched items, everything matches fromĀ head to toe.
  • lots of theseĀ sets have 2 useful baby laundry bags to leave at the hospital swap and swap the other to take home. fully washable for peace of mind of infection.

watch the video clip here

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