Baby health matters problems getting on mums nerves


Baby health matters problems getting on mums nerves

Today we look at some health problems that babies can get in the first year of life that may seem get on your nerves sometimes but all babies can get ill or have some of these health issues. See if your baby has these and what you do about it.

  • nappy rash: letting air get to baby’s skin through kick and play sessions with no nappy on using a barrier cream such as petroleum jelly or Sudocrem or other prefered cream at diaper changes.
  • Thrush: doctor can prescribe an antifungal medicine and cream to help.
  • Teething: crying when baby is cutting new first teeth cold not frozen teething rings help best you can buy Bongela which is good too.
  • Bumps on the head when crawling and standing up with the furniture: if you have a wooden floor don’t let baby wear just socks as they will slip, supervise baby or put in a playpen for safety when you can’t be be close by.apply cold compress to forehead and if worried about serious bumps consult your doctor.
  • being Sick a little at feed times: after a feed its quite normal especially if baby didn’t manage to get his or her wind up.let baby wear a bib to protect clothes use a burp cloth on your shoulder in case you get sick on your own clothes.
  • Dribbling: normal as baby cuts teeth or whats called mouths toys its  way or exploring and shouldn’t be discouraged. keep a dry bib handy so the wet bib doesn’t get baby’s chest constantly wet, we have seen so many mums forget and have left baby with a wet chest all day.
  • here are some great websites to checkout for baby health issues



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