When can I try for another baby after a fetal demise?

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Q 1 When can I try for another baby after a fetal demise?

A 1 When you feel emotionally able to cope and after a normal period returns.Ask your self these questions and if you are unsure then wait a little longer.You do not want to put any added presuure onto your partner they could also suffer from grief associated with a baby loss too.

  • Why do you want another one is it because you want the baby you lost? or feel the time is right.
  • How would you feel if you didn’t get pregnant straight away?

The important thing to concider is when a pregnancy does occur do not dwell on the fact of what could go wrong again think possitive and take each day as it comes a real blessing.

More information can be found by looking at any of the links below associated with a fetal demise and miscarriage.




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