baby fashion for Autumn babies and premature babies under 1

Mums so love fashion and they also want it for their babies So what colours are out thats going to be a sure hit for wearing in Autumn – Winter 2011.

Dark colours, Navys Reds,Greys for boys satin dresses for girls in shocking pinks and purples,Lime and pink is in and checked outfits.

The premature baby clothes superstore has also made sure premature babies dont go without in these demanding styles you can the latest trendy colours  Just arrived TITCH outfits for boys weighing 3-5lb in harmonising navys and reds too. 

The brightest colours such as limes and every type of pinks are in stock for babies of all birth weights. as the tiny hats department is overflowing with these colours You can accessorize any item of your baby’s clothes.Imagine how pleased you will feel bringing about the chatterbility factor with other mums.

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