Baby Died at 21 weeks pregnant miscarriage writing a letter of comfort


Baby Died at 21 weeks pregnant miscarriage writing a letter of comfort to your little one

your baby very sadly died at only 21 weeks pregnant you had a miscarriage and saw how perfect your little baby was. how can you get your head around what has just happened , the feeling of loss and hopelessness after the much awaited birth of your baby was taken away from you in an instant.

writing a letter to your baby that you can keep secret or put in baby’s memory box can bring some comfort at this difficult time.

so what do you write to your baby that is no longer here with you in bodily form ?

its simple you tell him or her your feelings. your hopes and dreams, as if they were still here with you.It can be a letter of thanksgiving of knowing your baby whilst still alive in your tummy. expressing your emotions in a letter form is expressing your inner most thoughts and getting them out into the open on paper not bottling up the hurts the anger and the grief.

here are a couple of example letters just to give you an idea.

  • dear baby you are gone in an instant taken so soon without my consent robbed of all the love I wanted to give you for the rest of my life.
  • my darling baby Jacob… where are you my love my precious child. ill never forget you ever, my heart is breaking all I ever wanted taken from me.
  • precious baby grace…. I feel sick, I don’t know how to go on without holding you in my arms. Softly you came into this world then I laid you to rest in the earth so far from me. Ill never get to hold you ever kiss you goodnight ,to wipe your tears away after you have fallen ,to wash the chocolate treats from your face to kiss you good bye at the school gate.
  • My baby gone forever out of sight but never from my mind, ill tell you a bedtime story in my heart every day, watching me from heaven ill blow you a kiss as I look to the stars, as I feel the cool autumn breeze on my face as I walk through the park you will be there close to my heart ill never fear you going away from me ever again ill hold you dear to me every step of the way may lovely baby.



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