Baby Business Booming Mum

A Bored mum with 3 children all at school prompted her to go and become  a self employed mum with a baby business. As her daughter works for us At Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore here is the advice we gave her in setting up a baby business.

Q1. I think ill sell baby clothes is that a good idea?

A1. we ask you these questions so you will not rush into to it and waste money as 1/3rd of businesses go bust within the first 3 years of trading.

You need to research to see if there is a need in the market to sell them.Where will you sell?

I’ll sell them on the local market stall near home?

Ask the other stall holders is there enough traffic ( customers ) coming to the stalls.You need to make enough money to run the business and pay for all the cost involved ie stock,stall,bags to give them to customers, transport costs etc.

start up of a business

You also need to be passionate about what you sell. Do something that makes you happy or you will get bored when the going gets tough.

You also need to ask other mums in the area what do they need in baby clothes new or secondhand, where do they shop for them already and why do they shop there.You need to meet customers needs. NOT what you think they will buy.Some business have took their business online such as this baby business

setting up in a business

You also need to think about how you will fund the business, how much do you need to set up, so put a business plan together.There are  lots of sites on the internet can help you with this.