Baby birth how premature is too premature

How premature is too premature in a baby birth

baby birth premature

baby birth imminent ? scared baby will be born too premature? doctors express their concerns that in a baby birth a born before 22 weeks gestation are too premature to survive. It is nearly impossible to deliver the required oxygen to such a small set of under developed lungs.

Paediatric educators even recommend not resuscitating babies born so prematurely. in the first instance Advising that it is not in the best interests of the child.

Many health professionals agree, as many micro-preemies can have long term disabilities such as cerebral palsy, neurological problems and problems with vision.

giving birth to a baby so premature

Yet the youngest premature baby ever documented to have survived, spent just 21 weeks and 4 days in her mothers womb and weighed just 14.4 ounces at birth. According to her mother everything appeared normal until her 20 week scan .

In summary it was back in 2014 when she knew something was wrong by the look on her doctor’s face.

It is something no parent, ever wants to go through. Courtney was told that her placenta was thinning and beginning to detach. She developed an infection of the amniotic fluid called chloriamnionitis. Next step is her baby would have to be delivered.

will the hospital fight for this baby

Several days later, at the baby birth Lyla was born an immediate decision had to be made. Whether to save her A few moments of research was enough to show Courtney and her husband the hopelessness of the situation.

Their baby could not be saved. Many hospitals did not even give the option of trying to save a baby this young. Fortunately however this hospital in San Antonio, Texas did.

The doctor was telling them about the strong possibilities of long term health issues associated in saving babies this early.

Lyla’s parents prayed for a miracle. something inside of Courtney said ‘Just have hope and have faith’. Lyla’s parents took a chance and asked the doctor if he would try. He said he would and Lyla responded well to treatment.

Dr Kaashif Ahmed explained that the neonatal team looking after Lyla put that super tiny tube down and it fit. If it had not of fit, they would not have been able to resuscitate her.

Incidentally She was just big enough. Lyla was placed under an over head warmer and a breathing tube was immediately inserted in her airway and her heart rate went up. She slowly changed colour from a blue to a pink and she started to move and breath within a few minutes.

what was the future for premature baby Lyla

She remained in hospital for four months before she was well enough to go home but today, Lyla has no health problems and attends pre-school with other children her age.

Thriving looking forward to her 5th birthday later this year. Lyla is a medical miracle and her parents have shared their story.

particularly aimed at others who may be facing a similar situation may have hope and faith.

There is nothing more valuable than hope, it is what keeps us all going through the toughest of times when things seem so impossible. Incidentally it is where faith is born.

we have surely all been in a situation where hope was the only thing that got us through.