Do Babies and Buses mix ?

I don’t know if you have ever experienced this but you go shopping with your baby or toddler, grab a few bags of shopping and push them along with the pram to the bus stop to go home.You wait for the bus leaving baby in the pram for as long as possible before the bus arrives then a mad panic as you try to gt baby out of the pram fold up the buggy and stick out your hand to stop the bus then carry eveeything in on ehand whilst still trying to pay for your ticket. Some buses in the past didnt allow for the pram to wheel on but gradually more improvemments have been made to allow prams and easy access for wheel chairs too.The thing is should you fold the pram up struggling hoping someone will help you or not so people can pass you as they take their seat? Should there be more family freindly buses available or do you think the bus companies dont care as they tend to worry more about costs? let us know what you think leave yourcomment just below.