New for Autumn 2011 For Premature babies

Whats new just for you tiny baby


  • September more tiny baby teddies 3cm  NEW colour pink ARRIVED
  • Friendly elephant funky coloured tie hats for boys 3-5lb
  •   September closed week 16th-27th for annual stock take.
  •  September 26th -29th 1/2 price goody week all items in star buy department will be half price.
  • OCTOBER new Nanny Nicu premature baby clothing sets tropical birdies boys 1-3lb,3-5lb,5-8lb
  • OCTOBER Fairy Princess by Nanny Nicu gorgeous girly girly pink outfits in 1-3lb,3-5lb,5-8lb sizes
  • More socks due middle October
  • click on any link above on this page to see a product visit the site direct at


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