baby temperate soars risk of SIDS in winter?

It’s important to make sure your baby nice and snug to be warm this winter, But it’s also important to know when  coats and blankets should come off otherwise the child would be overheated and won’t feel the benefit of them when its time to take a trip out.

Small babies are not able to regulate their own body heat like we can. a baby doesn’t have the ability to take of a layer off clothes when feeling hot or to add a layer when cold that is why it is up to us as parents/carers to keep an eye on babies temperature to asure they are snug and do not get overheated or cold.You don’t have to undress a baby to tell how there temperature is. you may be able to tell by the baby crying when he’s too hot, though some babies just fall asleep, which can be extremly dangerous as you won’t know if he is tired or passed out due to heat exhaution.

most people feel a babies hands and feet to determain weather the child is cold but this isn’t the case as it is not accurate at all as these are usually colder than the body anyway. To test a babies temperature place the back of your hand on his chest or the back of his neck. If these feel cool then you are fine, but if they feel very cold or too warm, act accordingly to prevent them from overheating or being too cold.

some babies don’t like to wear a big bulky winter coat so you could  use layers like soft sleepsuits and jumpers  to keep them warm you may find that  blankets are a more flexible to keeping a baby warm or cool,  you might find that a baby finds fleecey baby clothes lighter and easier to move in, try not to make your baby uncomfortable but you need to make sure there ears are covered, especially if there is a cold wind buy light cotton hats to go under the coat hood.Do not use a scarf on a baby or very young child as this is a choking hazard!!

It is imortant to adjust your baby’s outside clothing when you go inside anywhere. A baby can suffer if it is unable to adjust to the temperatures so removing a layer or blankets and coat is essential when going inside shopping, taxi’s,cars, buses,cafe’s etc even though it may seem a pain I mean your only nipping in a shop for 10 minutes, even if your baby is asleep. It will make alot of a difference in making sure your child’s temperature is kept stable,raincovers are just as important to remove as well as the coat and blankets.

a good buy for a baby I found was the two piece pram suits and cosy toes, I could unwrap my child without hardly disturbing him.


Wrtten by Sarah qualified baby and under 8’s specialist and parent of 2 at

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