April giraffes giving Birth now 2019

April giraffe giving birth 2019

April giraffes giving birth in 2019. So another year and another giraffe baby is on the way. Due any moment now in 2019. Come on admit it Are you following this live again. In addition like last time April was pregnant with her baby calf?

You may be thinking why am I writing a blog about a giraffe? the thing is April was pregnant back in 2017. she was so famous back then because so many people were watching her live video waiting to watch the birth of her baby. She had a boy called Tajiri. weeks and week people satyed up late online. watching from all over the world.

Watching the live video feed of April the giraffe giving birth

yes ok ill admit it I too watched April giving birth video back in 2017. the thing it was so addictive. you’d watch the screen and every flicker of her tail you be sending a message to all your friends on Facebook giving them the juicy gossip. Afterwards even days later still nothing. It was so funny but you just had to watch it to see what I mean. Jordan the owner of Animal adventure park in new York . Gave daily updates on Aprils condition. You found yourself flicking back and forth to the very latest live feed. Just to wait for news that her labour had started.

So in 2019 I too find myself flicking to videos throughout the day to see if I can catch April giraffes giving birth.

Here are 3 facts about giraffes.

Giraffes give birth standing up . It makes sense like a newborn baby getting all the mucus out of their lungs to take a deep breath in after being born. the baby giraffe calf drops to the ground expelling the water from its lungs.

pregnancy in a giraffe usually lasts for 15 months. April went 16 months with Tajiri back in 2017.

Giraffes can live up to 26 years. April was born in 2002. Aprils favourite treats are carrots and lettuce.

Videos of giraffes giving birth

in the meantime of April giving birth here are some videos to watch of giraffe calves being born.





And finally here is a link to Aprils live feed video waiting for her to have her baby 2019

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