angel babies anniversary baby loss memorial 1 year later

Beautiful Butterfly on Colorful Flowers baby loss anniversary butterfly release

angel babies anniversary baby loss memorial 1 year later

a question often asked by bereaved parents is how can we celebrate our upcoming angel anniversary or baby memorial?

 little angel in heaven

angel anniversaries for babies born stillborn miscarriage sids

for any family that is wondering what an angel versary actually is … its the remembrance of a baby that died 1 year later and every anniversary there after.

for many families who have lost a baby facing each day takes courage and strength. its hard to see a couple who have experienced baby loss every day and wonder how do they cope.

taking each day as it comes after baby loss

families often find after their baby has died the next hurdle they struggle to come to terms with is the actual due date . their baby died its so unfair “my due date is coming up I should be taking my baby home not leaving them in the local church yard cemetery”. as a year draws closer families who have lost a baby want to remember them do something extra special so they are not forgotten as the anniversary draws near.

its the keeping busy being focused on something good that will help them cope as a family as the day approaches when their baby passed away just 1 year later.

today we look at what other parents do on their angel babies anniversary memorial day 1 year after of baby’s passing.

  • blowing bubbles day in either pink or blue or yellow for a baby miscarriage when the sex of baby wasn’t confirmed.
  • reading stories as a family at the baby’s graveside.
  • making a shadow box .
  • planting forget me knot flowers in the garden or large urns in memory of baby.
  • naming a star purchased online they send you a certificate in the post etc.
  • making a butterfly and bee friendly garden or in a small garden planting scented flowers in urns to help nature thrive.
  • poems written by family members and put in a photo album
  • getting wooden engraved baby name and putting on the graveside.
  • having a family meal and cake.
  • donating to local sands charity or fund raising to by a local cuddle cot for the local hospital.
  • hand a wooden bird box created from scratch by the family having baby’s name put on and glossed over, then put in own garden to feed the local birds.
  • putting angel ornaments on the graveside.
  • buy a memorial bench and put it near the baby garden at local cemetery so other mums and das can sit by their baby’s close by.
  • have a dove release and reading poems.
  • butterfly release.
  • day at the beach making paper boats releasing them in the water.


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