Amazing Pregnancy growing fetus in womb 8 -12 weeks

Amazing Pregnancy growing fetus in womb 8 -12 weeks

As part of our pregnancy and premature babies viability week. today we look at the exciting growth of the baby in the womb has has now become the fetus stage from 8 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy. lets take a look at what happens to baby now its not at the embryo stage of growth.

its at this stage during the whole of the first trimester that baby is most susceptible to damage. The following can interfere with the baby’s development:Alcohol, certain prescription and recreational drugs, and other substances that cause birth defects
Infections such as rubella
Nutritional deficiencies
X-rays or radiation therapy

week 8 fetus growth:arms and legs get longer brain continues forming, the baby’s cartilage skeleton begins to turn into bone.movements of fetus can be detected on the ultra sound scan.

week 9 fetus growth:the growing baby in the womb now measures approx 38mm from crown to rump.

week 1o fetus growth:baby can hiccup and move its head yet mum cannot feel it yet.

week 11 fetus growth thumb sucking as been seen in some fetuses at this stage

by week 12 fetus growth 12 weeks after conception, the fetus is fully formed. All  organs, muscles, limbs and bones are in place, and the sex organs are well developed.  now the growing baby  has to grow in size.

The second trimester and the third trimester is all about inner organs maturing and weight gain until birth at 40 weeks gestation.weeks 13-28 weeks of pregnancy is the 2nd trimester third trimester is 29-40 weeks.

 baby growing in the womb pics

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