ABORTION 21 week Baby born Alive !

learn how an ABORTION at 21 weeks gestation can result in a  Baby born Alive and kicking !

After reading This controversial blog post you may never want to read another blog post from our site. We understand this as this difficult topic today is very distressing but factual .It is not often spoken about,Its  is not something you want to think about, you may not want to tackle or come to terms with it in the real world. It does happen and you or someone you know of may have been in this situation.Todays topic draws to an end covering  abortion.

The following sites are upsetting, graphic and will shock and leave alasting impression on you please press your back button now to leave this site if it is going to offend you to the extreeme.

If babies are born viable at 24 weeks gestation and abortion in the uK limit is 24 weeks gestation think about it as Cheeky Chums sell clothes for these little ones born at 24 weeks weighing between 1-2 lb at birth.

Abortions between 15 –20 weeks are known as mid term abortions.

Abortions between these dates are performed via D+ E

Dilation and Extraction, the cervix is opened and the baby is removed .Performed on babies who are too young to survive once separated from the mother, the usual response to a live birth is to simply set the child aside and allow it to die on its own. The abortion industry calls this practice “comfort care.” In some cases, abortionists have been observed actively killing the tiny baby by drowning it, crushing its tracheal tube, or snapping its neck.

Abortion by  Instillation.

In this procedure of instillation is a long needle passed through the mother’s stomach and into the baby’s amniotic fluid . Amniotic fluid is then drained from the sac and replaced with either a saline or urea solution.  Uusally this kills the baby, but can take hours to endure.Some women report feeling their baby violently thrashing around inside. Photos depicting babies killed by instillation procedures do show massive chemical burns covering the baby’s body.intrauterine cranial decompression is where the baby is removed intact but the skull is crushed to get it our of the uterus.

Abortions between 20-24 weeks are known as late abortions.

same method can be used

  • D and E
  •  or induction where a labour is started artificially using prostroglandin hormone  and mum gives birth to baby alive and kicking baby is left aside to die if born alive.
  • or chemicals administered in larger a quantity. They are also given earlier so they have a longer time to soak into the baby’s tissue and bone making it easier to remove from the womb. As for avoiding “The Dreaded Complication” (live birth), babies killed and are more likely to be given feticidal drugs due to the lateness of the abortion.
  • two stage 2 day abortion more time to feel anxious as its not over all at once. Once started cannot be stopped.Two drugs given first day to stop babys heartbeating.day after patient comes in to have contents of womb removed both are given under a general anesthetic.D and E is done.

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