Don’t abort your baby if a genetic defect is known READ THIS

Don’t abort your baby if a genetic defect has been confirmed if they say that baby won’t survive long just after birth .

This blog post contains sensitive information if its is likely to offend please press your back button now.

Has one  brave lady prepares for the birth of hers knowing it wont live long after deliveryheres what she discovered.After lossing a child and discovering it was due to a genetic birth defect made future pregancies possible of passing the same disorder to subsequent children.She became pregnant again and the results revealed this baby too had the same problem,It would not live long after birth.She found the courage NOT  to terminate this pregnancy after concidering an induced abortion, there was another way out that will not murder the child from in the womb. 

Her baby could can have the opportunity to live at birth even if only for a few minutes.This precious time allows the baby to pass away naturally with a loving family around. 

At first I thought if baby had died in the womb then why are they leaving it so long  before they induce mum but I then understood that baby hadn’t died just allowing the baby to get grow naturally inside the womb then by being unduced early mum gets to hold, cuddle a possible live baby than one that has been terminated and no baby to hold at the end of it. 

she came to us so she could choose the delicate and so tiny little clothes in advance and that she picked out herself.To be able to dress her baby comfortably before being settled off for a final sleep. So don’t be dismayed thinking there isnt a way out, this way will help you come to terms with your loss in a loving peaceful environment.