Abandoned newborn baby death imminent

Abandoned newborn baby death imminent but in some cases babies are found just in the nick of time.

What drastic measures new mums are finding themselves in to resort to dumping a baby. Babies left in toilets,left on church door steps mums hoping they would be found.Not all mums are found when a baby is left shortly after giving birth.police make public anouncements newspapers cover the story so that mums come forward but alas to no avail.

Lets take a look at the sad circumstances these mums find themselves in.

  • case 1 Pregnant teenager finds no solace and refuses to believe she will give birth to a baby 7-8 months later.refuses to tell parents and gives birth alone.fearful for the outcome panic can make the new mum clean herself up and carry on as if nothing has happened.
  • case 2 Pregnant teenager has no one to confide in,feeling so scared she gives birth alone after deciding she cannot kill her baby by termination.She does have a sence of responcibility by leaving baby in a public place where it can be found easily but sometimes when baby is not dressed in warm clothes or found in time the baby dies of hypothermia. 
  • case 3 Woman has an affair and refuses to tell anyone let alone her husband she is pregnant for fear of the outcome, so she too is in a desperate position and leaves baby in a place it could be found. 
  • Case 4 Young lady is raped feels dirty,feels issolated refuses to admit she has been raped and puts it to the back of her mind.Feels its her fault. she cannot come to terms with keeping the baby by the rapist.

Its important to get help whilst pregnant so these darling little babies have a chance to live.Even with another family to be brought up in a secure loving home when its not possible to be with the birth mum.

here are some support groups you can confide in for support when pregnant



for pregnancy associated by rape



care, compassion, for a crisis pregnancy


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