A Premature baby girls dream come true

A Premature baby girl dreams in the NICU.

Dream baby Dream! Emily awoke from her NICU incubator cot wondering if it was in deed all just a dream….
she entered the big wide world weighing only 2lb and mummy wanted to dress her in something nice.As she picked up each item of clothing from her suitcase she realized All her newborn clothes would be way too overpowering for such a slender bodyno way were 8-10 pound going to fit her. she needed smaller sizes fast.

 She looked at her tender daughter restless in the cot and she knew she would be a much happier baby if she wore clothes that looked good and would make her feel like a little princess even though so was such a tiny baby girl.
Other mummys would then look over at her, smile in admiration and want their own babies to be dressed just as good as she did.
Well not to worry Emily’s mummy thought.She knew where to go.

She could shop quickly online at Cheeky Chums. Just down the street at the local library she could use the computers with access to the internet then whisk back up to the hospital to sit with her daughter.

 knowing everything was in hand and she just had to wait for the big delivery of her order. She started at the feet.Snuggies would get her of to a good start.
she needed tiny baby socks size 00000 to keep toes warm and cosy Snuggies had just the thing.She wanted tights to compliment her pretty dress that Emily would just love to own.

All colours one for each day of the week she needn’t have to wear the same colour twice. Nice and stretchy so there is room for tiny feet to grow.

Then came the dress, a new line just in by Nanny Nicu the trendiest bright, colours with little critters on the front. finished off with a cosy warm knot hat,Perfect.

Nanny Nicu made them in more realistic body sizes too, just for slender tiny babies.plus being a premature baby sized dress, it didn’t look silly the size being overpowering.

Yawnnnn! aww little sweetheart mummy nearly forgot about the sleepsuits. sleeping as snug as a bug in a rug feeling comfortable. such a vast array of sleepsuits.She picked a baby ballerina set out by Nanny Nicu. There was such a good selection with cute designs.Made from amazing soft fabrics she would indeed look as pretty as a princess wearing these….

As Emily opended her tiny little eyelids it wasnt a dream after all. She had started to attract All the nurses and was indeed the centre of attention.They wanted to see which new outfit mummy was going to choose today. They too could have cuddles and share the love seeing her dressed for best in her snuggly new clothes….

Emily looked around Ahhhh Mummy knows best she thought and because she was so cosy she settled off back to sleep contented….

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