A Baby Burial just got easier for premature babies

Finding clothes oh so tiny for a premature baby’s funeral is so hard in the uk.Parents have to buy dolls clothes or use a hospital blanket of rely on hospital handouts if there are any available or small enough. At Cheeky Chums you can find delicate burial clothes in the most premature of baby sizes.You dont have to rely on dolls clothes any longer. These are specially created for the love parents want to show for their baby as they spend the last quality moments with a little one. Plus New for December for the very early pre term deliveries which have sadly passed away Cheeky Chums new products have also just arrived in. when dressing a baby oh so small is not possible you can now find BY Something Precious baby burial pouches.Or (fetal demise pouches as they are sometimes known as).Also newly arrived in for December by Something precious “baby burial shrouds” suitable for multi faith burials for premature babies up to 12lbs in weight.Available in both boys and girls suitable for the following faiths
Christian, Jewish,Buddist,Sikh,Hinduism,Muslim,
click on this link to find them now or recommend to someone else who are having difficulty finding something suitable to bury a small baby in.http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk/catalog.php?category=60

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