7 tips keeping babies and toddlers safe outside ? madeliene mcann where?


7 tips keeping babies and toddlers safe outside

you find loads of tips about keeping your babies safe inside the home  what about the great outdoors. In this weeks news  a fresh insight has begun to find a little girl who went missing in 2007 age 4 Madeliene Mcann and when do our babies stop being babies?

  1. toddlers wander of chat to a neighbour over a fence and if they are next to you the great outdoors is an adventure and can easily slip undetected through an open gate keep gates locked onto main roads.
  2. don’t leave a baby in a pram outside whilst you quickly  nip in a shop.
  3. starting nursery If you are worried that a nursery doesn’t have enough security measures in place at exits find another one preferably with cctv inoperation.
  4. stay clear of walking the dog and toddlers near park lakes.
  5. on holiday if another child befriends yours don’t let them go off, trusting the other child to look after your toddler whilst you sunbathe accidents happen near water.
  6. how young is too young a lady recently saw three 5-6 year olds go to school on the bus on their own this is asking for an accident to happen or worse.
  7. teach your children from a young age their name town they live and a contact telephone number.
  8. don’t  let a  3year old or  just over have their name put on their t shirts for anyone to see, if a stranger sees it and shouts their name the child will think “oh they know my name they mustn’t be a stranger” and go off with them.

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