7 baby essentials to have at grandmas house babies stay over


7 baby essentials to have at grandmas house babies stay over

don’t get caught out being prepared for all eventualities is best when  a baby or toddler stays over at grandmas house.

  1. you can never have enough baby wipes for babies spills cleaning faces wiping chocolate biscuit hands clean.
  2. corner protective cushions for tables low level cupboards even for a 3 year old walking past a kitchen cupboard oouch the last thing you need is for them to walk in to it with their head.
  3. your own supply of calpol and ibufen for babies and kids.
  4. a handy bottle of nit lotion yes even their brothers and sisters calling round they catch them from their friends in school nasty little things they are.
  5. bibs baby spoons baby cup that doesn’t spill
  6. spare change clothes and a few nappies keep uptodate what size they are in so they don’t get too small.
  7. travel cot acts as a play pen during the day to play in for a short time then folds away until a sleep over and opens up into a handy cot.

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