7 Amazing skills to teach your baby, babies learn

7 Amazing skills to teach your baby, babies learn easy

Although babies are born with some primary reflex actions such as stepping,grasping,walking these are not permanent and soon disappear. It is up to you the parents and family members as you play with baby to help reach the baby developmental milestones.walking talking running etc all come over time during babies first year or so.

Here are 7 encouraging skills you can all help baby to learn

  • talking to baby and getting a response back such as copying sticking out a tongue cooing (talking) back to you.
  •  To grasp for a toy from 4 months old.
  • To sit aided with cushions 5 months
  • sitting unaided 6 -9 months
  • starting first solid foods approx 5-6 months
  • semi solids and solids eating and chewing from 9 months
  • leaving a toy further away from baby so baby has to go and retrieve it, by becoming mobile standing with furniture,shuffling on bum,crawling rolling to get from one place to another.

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