A 5 top tips for a healthy start pregnancy to birth for 2012

Do you plan a pregnancy for this coming year then here are 5 tips A healthy start to pre-pregnancy to birth for 2012.

if you and your partner plan to have a baby this year have you thought it through are you healthy enough? What can you do to improve your lifestyle for the sake of you and your baby and your partners health too.even if you don’t do any of the list below and know of someone that does give a helping hand with these top tips.

  1. Quit smoking or taking drugs and if on prescribed medication ask the doctor for prenatal advice in case it effects the growth of a fetus in the womb.
  2. Quit drinking having even a bottle a day of wine or more then stop.
  3. Eat healthy if you cant stop eating junk food alone swap alternatives such as low sugar low cal drinks,eat snack a jacks instead of crisps etc,try tinned fruit with yogurt if you never touch fruit ,bottled water if you hate tap water.To give your body a kick start
  4. get some excersise if you feel are a couch potato take a daily short walk to give your body slow but a good start to get things started.
  5. Take Folic acid as soon as you suspect a pregnancy.

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