5 Top reasons for having a baby getting pregnant babies galore

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getting Pregnant want a baby now ? 5 top reasons for wanting babies

often a friend may comment to you when are you going  to get pregnant and start having babies ? or you may feel to reply back saying when I’m ready ,so what are the top reasons for getting pregnant and having a baby or even  more?

here are our top 5 reasons to think about before getting pregnant and having  a baby

  • I’m ready my body clock is ticking now to start trying, trying too late can reduce your chances of having a baby.
  • Steady relationship or married for a while, don’t try for a baby if you are both arguing all day long you cant stand being next to your partner and feel having a baby will bring you closer together that’s asking for trouble and won’t work in the long term.
  • stability yes everything’s in place, a home over your head managing to pay the bills with savings put away for a rainy day, babies aren’t cheap the initial cost alone is high, even by cost cutting and buying second hand.
  • you have a long term serious illness do you have support to get you thought the bad times, with a long term illness who will look after baby when you are incapacitated ? have plans and back up plans in place.
  • wanting a baby coz they look cute and cuddly ? its a life long commitment a baby it can be emotionally draining, physically tiring babies cry a lot once baby is with you. you cant send it back like a parcel it comes first in your life your life will never be the same again.

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