5 reasons Why grounding kids doesn’t always work grounded children


5 reasons Why grounding kids doesn’t always work

So you ground you kids and they sneak out and it stops working why do you think that is ?

lets take a look at 5 popular reasons why grounding kids doesn’t always work.

  1. You forget you grounded them so they sneak out knowing you have forgotten.
  2. You say they are grounded but dad does the opposite so you can’t win without having an argument with dad so the kid plays up  more on this fact.
  3. You up the stakes grounding them for longer because you feel this particular problem with your child deserves more grounding time.
  4. You ground them for even longer because they disobeyed you and they are not listening to you.Your child just laughs and walks away ignoring you.
  5. You say they are grounded but don’t really mean it, you say it in front of their friends to make a point, but you go back on your word and cant be bothered carrying the punishment through later on, your child gets used to this so the result is grounding doesn’t work any more..

what can you learn from grounding children then? 

  • grounding can be set to your rules with no time span even for 1 hour your child doesn’t know how long the grounding episode will last for and if you carry out your actions they know you mean business.
  • Its about respect, respect for yourself taking control as the parent setting rules and your child respecting you by standing your ground.
  • earning respect and being a positive influence as a parent without being to strict starts early on , around 3 year old set guidelines. use a naughty step time out 1 min for every year in age or a naughty spot or similar and you wont go wrong by 8 year old if your child doesn’t respect your main rules as a parent then grounding will  not work as a teenager later on.


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