4 Common illnesses in pregnancy

As this week we are carrying on our information of the 4 most common illnesses in pregnancy and the topic of today is Gestational Diabetes, this usually occurs to an expectant mother anywhere half way between the second trimester, it is not a permanent illness and it disappears after the birth of the baby. symptoms of gestational diabetes is similar to those that pregnant woman feel to make them think that they are pregnant such as, thirst, hunger and frequent urination. the cause of gestational diabetes is unknown but is believed that hormones for the placenta interfere with the expectant mothers ability to produce insulin which encourages your body’s cells to drain glucose from your blood and store it as glycogen in the liver and muscles of your body. This is then used as an energy source for your body as and when required and stops the body burning fat to create energy so with out this the result is an increase of glucose levels. pregnant women are screened for gestational diabetes and have regular urine checks for the increased sugar levels. changes to the diet and some mild exercise will help treat the condition and for women who don’t respond to this insulin may be given.