30 weeks pregnancy hang on in there baby

30 weeks pregnancy

30 weeks pregnant will baby  be born too soon?

The third trimester and boy are you sick of everyone asking you when are you due as the last few weeks approaches many high risk mums can end up giving birth prematurely so lets take a look at a 30 week pregnancy.

What does your baby weigh inside around this 30 weeks pregnancy?

approx 3lb

what does baby do inside at this stage?

weight gain progresses, toe nails are growing. The bone marrow is now responsible for red blood cell production.Fat deposits are not fully laid down yet and baby would have “little old man facial features”.Your baby can hear your voice, can grip, attempts to suck a thumb.  lungs that are capable of breathing air, although medical aid may be needed. Aprrox 9 out of 10 babies born at a 30 weeks pregnancy will survive.

Take a glimpse on the net at some ultra sound pictures of mums at a 30 weeks pregnancy stage HERE

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