2nd trimester pregnancy baby growth baby born survive?

2nd trimester of pregnancy baby growth 16-20 weeks baby born survive?

This week we are looking at your most popular questions on pregnancy week by week. The delivery of premature babies at different gestational ages and the possible  viability of these tiny babies.

what is happening inside the womb for babies 16 – 20 weeks of pregnancy?

Baby continuing to grow in length but no body fat is laid down yet until the last trimester.fluttering feelings is the baby movements mum notices around at 18-20 weeks gestation.At 18 weeks baby measures approx 16cm.Baby starts to hiccup, suck thumb.

On a sad note a Baby born at 20 weeks is not viable to be able to survive  outside the womb.Classed as a miscarriage no death certificate is given for babies born at this stage of pregnancy as yet.A growth ultrasound scan is usually offered at 20 weeks gestation.






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