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October, 2010

Premature baby Loss,Now I can’t Cope being pregnant

Premature baby loss  you can cope if you fall pregnant again ?  This is how we adviced parents in a similar position. Q.1 Dear Cheeky Chums My best friend lost her baby 9 months ago she was 21 weeks gestation.Now she is pregnant again and doesn’t Know if she can cope ,she is terrified of going for her first antenatal visit and keeps putting …Continue reading →

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how soon should you go back to work after a baby

How soon should you go back to work after giving birth to a baby.A couple of days ago celebrity star Celine Dion gave birth to twins she is due to do a star studdied performance as she goes back to work in March 2011. Celebrity star Dannii Minogue recently went back to work on the X factor tv show, a …Continue reading →

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WINTER FOOTWEAR for premature babies

As the weather becomes colder You hunt the high streets for the cosiest,warm winter footwear for yourself don’t you ?. At Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore they stock the widest range of premature baby socks in the world. In the Hot summer months you will find light weight ankles socks and such like. This Autumn more lines have been added to …Continue reading →

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baby blues and PND any new mum can get it

Baby blues is that a range of baby wear NO!  PND is that some medication mums take to stop their milk flowing NO! lets take a look at them both read the full in depth article written by Sarah one of the top nursery nurses at Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore. READ IT HERE visit the superstore here …Continue reading →

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I can’t cope with my newborn baby!

Sofia gave birth 3 weeks ago.Her mums lives a few miles away and has always said she would be there is she ever needed her.The trouble is Sofia saw how she was with her elder sister’s baby and vowed it would do her head in if mum ever tried to interfere with her own newborn baby’s upbringing. Her husband john …Continue reading →

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