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January, 2010

baby josie dugger in nicu now 2.3lb oz first pics HERE

We are been following the progress and waiting patiently for the first pictures of premature baby Josie in the nicu.Wow is now 7 weeks old and gaining weight she has doubled her birth weight in only a shot time.She is off a ventilator now so mum michelle has had a chance to give her first cuddles known as kangaroo care, …Continue reading →

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Danni Minogue baby gets first new baby gifts

News update on Dannii Minogue’s pregnancy (followed by Cheeky Chums The premature baby clothes superstore). Dannii is craving sweets, which she has never done before,Danni who has been saying how surprised, relieved, and excited, she is to be pregnant, and so excited by her first baby gift for her wonderful little baby bump. Danni Minogue an X Factor judge on …Continue reading →

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Premature baby development and catching up

A recent premature baby article about how premature babies can have delayed development prompted us to include it on our own blog for mums to read. Cant remember where we put it as I wrote it ages ago but here it is for all of you to read

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premature baby clothes as easy as that

we found this so the good news is spreading like mad when you need neonatal and special care baby units clothes ever so fast. READ THIS so for all your premature baby clothes needs no matter what sizes visit the premature baby clothes superstore direct at

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what an unusual spot to give birth to baby

After the snow chaos in the uk the last few weeks and mums giving birth in the backs of a cars and a taxis we look a what other unusual spots some mums where in giving birth to their baby. In todays news here in the uk Staff at an Asda supermarket had to turn their hand to midwifery when …Continue reading →

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