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October, 2009

Neonatal,premature baby, nicu eh?

Neonatal,premature baby, nicu eh? here in the uk we often get asked 2 questions. What is the neonatal care ? and what is the nicu ?. often babies arrive unexpected under 37 weeks gestation is classed as premature. A very tiny premature baby may need assistance in breathing and other assisted urgent procedures to keep baby in a stable condition.Depending …Continue reading →

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baby in nicu How mum can keep her chin up

poorly baby in the nicu here’s how mummy can keep her chin up 1.If you are too poorly to take photos yourself after your baby is whisked off to the intensive care unit. Get someone else to do it for you,remember to takes lots and lots of baby pictures in the N.I.C.U. Not only to treasure baby memories from day …Continue reading →

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