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July, 2009

buying dolls clothes for a premature baby

Do you need ever so tiny baby clothes so much so that you are thinking of buying dolls clothes just to get the right fit? Would you? Should you? Could you? Knowing these FACTS BELOW. Whether it’s for your own child or a relative’s, finding the sizes small enough is always a problem for babies born of low birth weight …Continue reading →

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Being prepared the loss of a premature tiny preemie baby

On the sad occassion a baby will be lost either in early or late pregnancy.A baby not yet able to cope in the big wide world due to little organ falure or not being strong enough, or even getting an infection at such a small size and therefore not making it.Babies so small from 20 weeks -35 weeks often dont …Continue reading →

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Parents of Premature babies why choice is good for YOU !

Quote from a parent of a premature baby cared for in the special care baby unit. No one can prepare if you are faced with your baby being whisked away straight after birth and put into an incubator.All the desicions you make as a new mum are taken from you. The first feeds, first cuddles,changing a nappy,everything stiped bare except …Continue reading →

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Warning~ don’t buy premature baby socks until you have read this

HERE PLUS our quick access website for premature babies can be found here at all action packed website can also be found here at

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