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June, 2009

we discuss home births should you? could you? would you?

1.first time mums is it wise to have a home birth? we recommend a first baby to be delivered at the can be monitored better and the worry about going into labour can put your mind at ease knowing all the necessary equipment for an emergency c section is in place should the need arrise. 2. If everything with …Continue reading →

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Premature baby clothes shop sets trends for tiny babies

Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes store adds extra goodies to their ever increasing range which will get mums of tiny babies really excited. The one stop shop as added a new range for trendy mums who want their premature and tiny babies wearing clothes that are just as trendy as they are.Its is so difficult to buy the tiny sizes …Continue reading →

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Snuggies premature baby clothes a little girls dream

Dream baby Dream! Amanda Jane awakes from her nicu cot wondering if it was in deed all a dream…. she entered the big wide world weighing only 4lb and mummy wanted to dress her.As she picked up each item of clothing from her suitcase she realized All her newborn clothes would bury her. she needed smaller sizes fast. She looked …Continue reading →

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top 5 waste of money gifts for a newborn baby

1.Buying the most biggest teddy bear in the shop because you are so excited.Is there enough room in the baby’s nursery/bedroom. You see many in second hand shops new even or charity shops because they are not practical. you even see them thrown on the tip. Opt for a small, soft, safe one which baby can snuggle up to at …Continue reading →

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where to find cheap preemie baby clothes Just because preemie babies are small doesnt mean they should be dressed in anything else but the best.Finding a stockist with such a wide range does get rather difficult. Well this place is just the treat for premature and tiny babies. WHY?  because not only can you find preemie baby clothes  in those hard to locate tiny preemie baby sizes.  you …Continue reading →

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