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April, 2009

Are you booked in for an early induction of your baby

Being prepared yes the case may be packed but are you prepared emotionally. We give you the links so you can read as much information free before your baby arrives especially if it will be cared for in the neonatal care unit or your baby is born premature. tell me about Premature babies topic covers…what is a NICU ?what is …Continue reading →

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even premature babies need protecting from the sun

well your premature or tiny baby is finally allowed home from hospital ! Are you prepared? Do you have the correct resources in place to take baby out and about in. A normal car seat will be to big to take your little one out in, buy a “tiny traveller” off ebay to save you money as baby will need …Continue reading →

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teaching baby sign language go on try it

To be honest I went to a night school sign language course “the open college of sign language”O.C.S.L many years ago it comes in handy when speaking direct face to face with people with hearing difficulties especially customers. we mentioned the use of baby sign language briefly in our last blog about teaching baby to talk and you can find …Continue reading →

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what to expect facing baby cared for in the nicu

N.IC.U if you are unaware, stands for neonatal intensive care unit. its when a preterm early delivery of your baby may need your baby being transfered from the delivery suite into a special ward called the scbu or neonatal intensive care your baby if born very early can have a more intensive care,specialist treatment,monitoring until well enough to go …Continue reading →

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teaching your child the art of talking

A rough guide to the art of talking for children. Believe it or not a child starts to talk from birth.The first cry,first sounds,first ooos, coos and awws.How your child progresses depends on the environment, upbringing and involvement from other adults, peers, surroundings and other people with direct input and stimulation through various play activities. Leave a child in a …Continue reading →

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