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February, 2009

Problems for a premature baby(preemie)

Hi everyone I thought I would share with you some problems your premature(preemie) baby could face whilst being cared for by the NICU / SCBU staff.If your baby is unfortunate to be born extremely early or poorly,you will be faced with watching or being nearby whilst the specialist work on your tiny baby to improve possible problems associated with prematurity. …Continue reading →

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Discussing a multiple pregnancy via ivf

I thought after the recent news events about the mother who gave birth to 8 live babies by IVF.I would discuss some factors you may wish to concider before attempting a cycle of IVF. see the link below for a picture of the mum “suleman” pregnant with 8 babies before she actually gave birth premature to all 8 babies. You …Continue reading →

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Premature delivery for multiple births.

Premature delivery for multiple births. Here is some Important information we felt you should know if you are expecting twins, triplets or more babies and the likelihood of having a premature delivery and a few problems that can arise from carrying multiples. What is the likelihood of having a multiple pregnancy? • Heredity: A history of multiple births on a …Continue reading →

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infections in the nicu this product can help baby

we felt it very important to share some news with you to help combat infections which are closing nicu /scbu wards for premature babies and sick newborn babies. here are some facts hospital 1. “Neonatal unit remains closed after fatal infection.Hospital have also tested positive for the potentially fatal microbe serratia. “This bacteria is not terribly uncommon so we don’t …Continue reading →

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