11 ideas what to put in a stillborn baby’s funeral coffin casket

11 ideas what to put in a stillborn baby’s funeral coffin casket for the burial cremation service.

when a baby has sadly been born stillborn and the undertakes collect baby from the hospital, baby will be cared for at their premises until the funeral service. sometimes a day earlier than the funeral or in the morning of the funeral the coffin or casket with baby settled inside can be brought to the family home.its a final chance  to say their good byes or if preferred the family can decide it can kept at the funeral directors for family to visit there instead.the family can visit baby for what’s called family viewing at the funeral directors. as visitors come to pay their final respects the coffin lid will not be put on top until everyone has had a chance to visit or at the parents request.

sometimes a little moses basket is available for tiny – newborn baby to lay in at the chapel of rest. During these visits you may want to bring baby a gift to lay at the side of baby as he or she is prepared to take their final journey in death in preparation for the funeral.

visiting baby at the funeral directors / chapel of rest

scared to visit your baby ? do not be afraid take a family member or friend with you for moral support. if there isn’t anybody the funeral director is there for you too they can come in the room with you .

what to expect seeing baby in the funeral casket ?

you can have all sorts of emotions going through your mind about seeing baby since leaving hospital. baby will be kept cold that helps slows down the natural process of death to baby’s body. you can ask the funeral director ahead of your visit is the condition of baby’s body is still ok to view and you may decide just to sit with baby’s coffin on your knee instead of having the top left off if its likely to cause you any distress.

so what items can go into a baby burial casket of coffin ?.here are our top 12 tips and ideas to consider

  1. small items so it wont be too overcrowded for baby lying next to them in the casket.
  2. you could scatter in some real rose petals they have a lovely aroma. lily of the valley or baby could hold a small bunch real lavender too.
  3. a children’s bedtime story book could be place at the foot of the coffin tucked in near the blanket.
  4.  family photographs and even ones of the family pets so baby can be surrounded by the loving family at all times.
  5. a tiny baby version teddy bear for preterm babies available here sizes from 3cm and to order 2 allows mum and dad to keep the exact same one at home in baby’s memory box as a loving keepsake.
  6. a hand made bracelet for baby’s wrist.
  7. a personally written poem or letter of love sent to baby
  8. a little wooden cross.
  9. a piece of jewellery that was mums.
  10. a little candle so baby isn’t afraid of the dark
  11. a present of love such as a tiny toy rattle crayons and a notebook so baby has something to do in heaven.
  12. a siblings picture drawn or coloured in themselves xx.




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