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will this cute baby be sick watch this funny clip tasting lemon


passing a toy from one hand to another exploring

passing a toy from one hand to another exploring

weaning baby will this baby be sick trying tasting new foods…

So you have just started weaning a baby, ever thought of having  a video clip handy why ? you may be thinking to your self well for the first tastes of foods some foods have a different reaction than others

The first is salty never give your baby foods with added salt or if you make your own do not add any to the ingredients as salt can kill babies under 12 months. on the tongue as your baby tries new foods you will notice some foods will have a different reaction than others such as tasting sour items,tasting sweet items and trying bitter foods for the first time too.

Watch this video clip its super cool as a baby tries these new foods its really funny too.

tasting foods baby’s reaction tasting lemon

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