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top 5 childrens books to make your toddler squeal with delight

I was at my grandaughters the other day hadn’t seen her in a while and she is just over 2 and half.Mum said read “Nanny Sheila that book Harriet”, I was very impressed as I Thought Oh great I can escape in a minute to go home and make my husbands tea, as I thought this will be  a quick book to read with her.Thinking it  may only have one line of words per page.How wrong was I it was page upon page full of words and I had to read every bit of it as she knew it off by heart. It was so amazing to watch her you almost thought it was her that was reading the story. Brilliant for a 2 year old. So it prompted me to show you some more top 5 books that kids love. In no time at all your toddler too will have  a favourite that they will be practically begging you to read it to them every night. so here we go……

  • Spot the Dog series any of the flip over ones are good peak a boo.
  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt beware your child will eventually wear you out with this one hehehe.
  • Where the wild things are.
  • The very hungary catterpillar watch out for the ones with a free toy too.
  • The Gruffalo


HERE are some  recommended stores online to buy these books from…

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