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teething – when cutting teeth really hurts

When a child is cutting there teeth this is not a quick process, from the gummy little grin to a mouthful of nashers it takes roughly 3 years to complete a childs whole set of teeth 20 of them, then about 3 years after that they fall out to make way for the adult teeth.

When a baby is growing inside the womb they develop tooth buds which are the foundation for the milk teeth, between the age of 3-12 months the buds begin to break through the gum surface. ( one in 2,000 babies are born with a tooth or 2, my son had 2 teeth when he was 2 months old and my daughter didnt get hers till she was nearly 5 months old ). A sign that your baby is growing up is around the time of 6 months when they are cutting more teeth, around this age is when solid foods need to start being introduced. by the time a child is three they will hav there full set of teeth, a good thing around this age to start letting the child brush there own teeth with help from you which is a bonus to start learning the child to self care, and easy enough to add to a routine.

For many parents the arrival of there childs arrival of there first teeth can be very stressful, painful to see the child going through and can be a long draw process. Early symptoms which can include heavy drooling and a fair amount of pain, you could be up for many nights trying to console your child.

To ease the pain a child may start biting, so giving a child something to bit on such as a teeth that has been steralised and kept in the frigde to keep it cold will help, buy a few so there’s always some ready as a child may drop them and you could always rub your finger gently on the sore gum to soothe the ache.

Gums can become swollen which can make the cheeks seem puffy due to this, some parents claim that a child can become feverish or have diarrhoea when teething but alot of experts agree that teething does not cause this, so i would advise you to get your child checked out as they maybe coming down with something. For some parents their child may have a painless experience when they cut their teeth e.g. one week they could have that gummy grin and the nextyou see the crowning of 1 or 2 teeth.

To help with teething there is really little that can be done, just comfort your child when they are in pain, give them the correct amount of infant paracetamol and may be use some teething gel  or powder, give the child foods straihght from the fridge such as;

cold smooth yoghurt,

cold mashed banana,

 cold or wet washcloth,

hard, cold objects such as spoons,

an  ice pop,

a cold teething biscuit,

a chilled plastic teething ring or pacifier,

cold, slushy foods such as applesauce or frozen and slushy fruit juice.

If a child is unconsolable and has a temparature take the child to the doctors as thy may have an illness such as and ear infecton etc.

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