baby grandchild died preterm fetal demise at 20 weeks

baby grandchild died preterm fetal demise at 20 weeks sex unknown I was wondering what to order to bury my grandchild in for the funeral service born at 20 weeks it died at 18-19 weeks and we wont know what baby will be in terms of a boy or a girl can you advise please? […]

Planning a preterm baby loss funeral How ? 5 useful tips

Planning a preterm baby funeral where to start 5 useful tips Our baby bereavement articles covers the different types of funeral services you can have for your baby that was delivered before 24 weeks, plus  the meantime here are some tips for organizing the baby’s funeral service. Who will plan the funeral mum or dad […]

New Grandparent helping mum get tiny clothes to fit baby

So Mums pregnancy ended early ,mums still on the maternity unit dad is busy running back and forth to the hospital so that leaves you to rush around to get baby smaller sized baby clothes.The ones in mums pregnancy bag for the hospital  are newborn + and are way too big. Where do you go […]