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i’m pregnant, i’m worried my baby will be premature?

A premature baby,  also known as preemie,  is born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Premature birth occurs 1 in 8 babies. Most mothers don’t know in advance that their baby is going to be born prematurely, so when it happens, it comes as a great shock, it’s not unusual some babies will always be born prematurely, Thanks to recent developments …Continue reading →

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premature baby born over Easter

Just a quick note to say help is on the way if you need premature baby clothes.lots of cool refreshing clothes have just been added including hard to find sun hats and bonnets in a light polycotton fabric. Even though its easter Cheeky Chums the online superstore for premature baby clothes is still open for you to order 24 /7. …Continue reading →

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premature birth over christmas

premature birth over the Christmas holidays for mum to be If your baby arrives early over the Christmas period, Cheeky Chums wanted to make sure you knew just where to go for all you need in the tiny sized premature baby clothes. Snow can hem you in so you may find it difficult to nip to the shops thats where easy ordering comes …Continue reading →

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shock premature birth the 7 steps preparation

A shock premature birth the 7 steps preparation you need to be aware of just in case baby arrives early. As your go into  premature labour You may only get a quick glimpse of your baby due to health problems premature may babies have immediately after delivery. This could mean you won’t get to take a better look of your newborn until baby …Continue reading →

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neonatal clothes range gets bigger for preemies

Nanny Nicu range of neonatal baby clothes come in such a vast array of vibrant colours, that mums just love to pieces dressing baby in the exciting and vast amount of favourite colours they come in.After scouring the world for pleasing premature baby clothes More new lines will be added to the Nanny Nicu range this February onwards. Here is …Continue reading →

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