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premature baby infection

premature baby in NICU avoiding infection

If your premature baby is in the NICU the staff and parents take every precautions in avoiding infections in the NICU but these of course¬†cannot be illiminated fully just by handwashing alone.¬†Sometimes infections are viral fungal or caused by direct lines leads etc attached to a babys body. After days,weeks and finally being able to come home the worst may …Continue reading →

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do premature babies in hospital get sick or have an infection ?

Why do premature babies in hospital sometimes get sick or have an infection? a question about premature babies getting an infection dear Cheeky Chums can¬† a very premature baby could pick up an infection in the Nicu is this true? yes it is possible its a longer road to recovery for the very immature premature babies because they would have …Continue reading →

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BBC News - Parents' care can help premature babies in hospital, says study…

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