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New for premature babies yippee something nice

Well there is a delay with the other hand made orders that where due to arrive in April But not too worry a new shipment of delicious fabric is being sent over as we speak for the lines due in May. If you have a premature baby and want to dress him or her in something different instead of the …Continue reading →

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whats new Nanny Nicu October 2009 premature baby clothes range

designed Just for premature and tiny babies in special care baby units. More outfits in the Nanny Nicu range just added these are gorgeous, dungarees,t shirt and hat sets with laundry bags for special care units and going home .These clothes fit they are made Just for Cheeky Chums customers .We sat down had meetings with neonatal staff, parents, and …Continue reading →

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Autumn is here and so are the latest beautifully crafted premature baby clothes

The latest beautifully crafted premature baby clothes for Autumn are here. Last season we had some cute baby gros in velours they where a real hot seller so at Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes store they have just had the latest adorable designs delivered for Autumn premature babies. Use in hospital or for home, really stunning thick velours, gorgous motifs …Continue reading →

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What’s new for YOU premature tiny baby?

Creation of a new style coat not for babies but tiny premature babies. So what you may ask your self does it matter ?. Well at Cheeky Chums after the succesful creation of Nanny Nicu you wont just find smaller versions of baby clothes but from now onwards product brands associated with Cheeky Chums will be designed and created taking …Continue reading →

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babies in nicu / special care keeping u on ur toes

well after todays news headlines sometimes it takes a tragedy to unfold an area needing improvement.So lets all pull our socks up and keep on our toes before the need arises.Before you know it we could have a big eperdemic of infections going on in a local nicu/special care baby unit. It was the ambulance scare of unhygenic conditions which …Continue reading →

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