what sizes are prem baby clothes?

A few years ago Cheeky Chums baby clothing shop research and development team wanted to find premature baby clothes for a baby girl weighing 2lb 3oz. The ones found in the UK were massive. Arms too long in some cases, body widths way to wide. baby clothing was standard fitting by just a couple manufacturers […]

I’m fed Up I can’t find a suitable premature baby gift

Oh when it comes to shopping for newborn babies its brill especially for the first time grandparents. You want to spoil them to pieces don’t you? It doesn’t matter what it cost, you want them to be the best dressed baby in town isn’t it true? So how hard can it be to find a […]

hands on lamber delivers own premature baby

Have you ever delivered a friend’s baby in an emergency? Although in reality only doctors and midwives are the only ones allowed to by law, sometimes babies come with practically no warning at all, leaving you with no choice. We would love to know your unusual midwive stories. If you ended up with the milkman […]

shall I get pregnant ? Im 19,Pregnant to keep my man

We advice one troubled teen on the thoughts of getting pregnant in order to keep her boyfriend. “My name is melissa I am 19 my parents are always fighting and my boyfriend has started to text my best friend when he is at work, I’m thinking of getting pregnant I know I would be going […]