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Tiny newborns the premature baby

Today is prematurity awareness day.Tiny babies born under 37 weeks gestation are known as a premature baby or preemie baby. The Premature baby has different needs to a newborn due to the immaturity of the babies inner organs that would have matured fully if baby had stayed inside mums womb for a full 40 week pregnancy. Cheeky Chums recent tweets …Continue reading →

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help me find a premature baby dummy please!

help me find a premature baby dummy please ?  No problem just a quick note to say all premature baby dummies fully restocked now .the superstore for premature baby clothes has prembabies dummies from 28 weeks gestation plus.You can find dummies with a gap inserted making it also easier for baby to use the dummy at the same time Cpap. There …Continue reading →

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